Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I was born a unicorn

PMapril 21 2013 018

PMapril 21 2013 015

PMapril 21 2013 016

PMapril 21 2013 021

PMapril 21 2013 023

PMapril 21 2013 024

Shirt - DIY-ed, skirt - Hobo's, glitter tights - the deepest depths of my tight bag hosiery department, boots - Eccentrix.

Have I shown you this shirt recently? It’s wonderful. I made it around this time last year, when the first flushes of summer made me all giddy and brash and hungry for a hit of pure colour. A box of pink dye, superglue and a small bag of jazzy little jewel shapes doth an old shirt rejuvenate. It’s best showcased in this post, where you can see Stan the Stencilled Unicorn in all his unfinished glory.

I wore it with this trusty floral ra-ra skirt, scagged glitter tights and “I give up” hair. It’s representative of my on-going descent into academic madness, or something like that. Whatever, friend. Embrace the fun.

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. I like the outfit! that shirt is so cute by the way love the pink :)

  2. love this! that shirt is adorable and I LOVE the boots!!

  3. looooove the necklace and you are seriously the cutest thing ever. also the unicorns?! <3333 love
    xx rae