Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bookworm Blouse

This month I have mainly been bookworming, scribbling, and wearing a great shirt.

picmokeyapril 21 2013 006

So you know that dissertation I’ve been burbling on about for the past three decades or so? Well, after three weeks of hair-pulling, tooth-grinding and way too many caffeine-induced headaches to count I managed to finish and submit the damn thing a whole four days before deadline. HOORAY FOR ACADEMIC ORGANISATION YAAAY. That just leaves two essays, one essay and one magazine to go before university is done and dusted. Someone reserve me a ticker tape parade, stat.

instagram dissertation day 2

 Here's me and my insanely smart pal Efa drinking a celebratory cider at Pulse after handing them in.

I also found the time to visit Birmingham for a wonderful week of work experience at BPM Media. During my five days at the features desk I wrote a good clutch of previews and features, went to the new season UGG launch in the Bullring and was given loads of cracking career advice from features editor Sarah Probert. Oli and I also got to catch up with my blog-buddy Tanya over a few pints and some Wetherspoons cuisine – happy days! You can see my pieces about Brum-based burlesque dancer Angel LaVey and Great British Sewing Bee contestant Lauren Guthrie here and here respectively. 

picmonkeyapril 21 2013 008

^I meant it when I said that this shirt has been a mainstay of the past 30 days, btw. I picked it up at a chaz shop on my Brum shopping trip in January after tiring of the inexorable search for a half-decent blouse on the high street. Is anyone else done with this ‘sheer’ malarkey already? I sure as hell am. 95% of the badly-made blouses out there right now are hell-bent on forcing the wearer to choose between either flashing their lingerie or donning a modesty-preserving-yet-unsightly vest top. I stick my two fingers up at these so-called blouses and their translucent tyranny. A soft and substantial 100% cotton shirt with a sharp collar and a whiff of 1985 dad-chic wins the sartorial battle any day. 

Bra-baring blouses beware – at Casa del Betti, it’s hip to be square.

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. BETTI! You appear to be as bad at blogging on a regular basis as i am ;) we both need a good beating. I HAVE A PRES FOR YOU! need to post it your way soon! (which could be god knows when, you know what I'm like!) Anyhu, This trip to visiting you may have to be after my hols, perhaps late may/early june as i have got a lot on until then! holiday in a week! (eek) then going on a hen party 2 weeks after that in bristol, so It may have to be a week or so after that! (else work will sack me for all the time i have off ;) )


    Tanyarrr! x

  2. That shirt is is pretty damn fantastic!!