Saturday, 23 March 2013

Midnight City

I was inspired to put this look together after going on another M83 Youtube binge whilst getting ready. I'm sure there aren't many people left who haven't heard of M83 - their song 'Midnight City' was everywhere last year - but just in case someone out there hasn't yet been converted by their anthemic electro-pop glory, here's a vid to check out. Seriously, watch it. It's mindblowingly beautiful:

When I listen to M83, I'm always transported back to 2008. My little brother's first car. Driving down City Road at night listening to his latest mix CD, talking about his recent musical efforts (before he settled down with his job and lovely Holly, he was a wicked DJ). 'Teen Angst' started playing and the street lamp lights streamed and distorted the night as we sped back to our mothers house in near silence. My brother and I are very different people, but we always manage to come together over a shared adoration of music (and hatred of Gabba). Those were some of the happiest moments I've spent with him.

I finally got to see M83 last summer at Southside festival. My eyes were slightly blurred from cans of German beer and spirits were high. Oli, our new friends and I squeezed through the heaving crowds as the music washed over us. I looked up to the rafters and the kaleidoscopic lights span their vibrant colours around the otherwise darkened tent. That moment, among the thousands of people surrounding us, it felt like anything could happen. The lights twisted, the colours blazed and sped, the crowd roared. A dreamlike scenario. A midnight city.

Leather jacket - secondhand from Jenny, unicorn jersey -, denim waistcoat - DIY dyed and jazzed up by meself, hat - handmade, skirt - Topshop, creepers - New Look.

Also, digi-print galaxy-cruisin' unicorns are SO great. Over and out.

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. Your style is so cute and your hair is so nice! Followed :-)


    x x x

  2. spot-on M83 descriptors. and that unicorn top is KILLING me, too brill xxx

  3. I love how your top matches your hat perfectly! And the collar is so cute. Everything is perfect! Great styling.

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  4. loove that song<3
    & amazing look, love the jersey!^^

  5. That hat is bloody brilliant! sorry for the late comment reply I have been a terrible blogger! & YES! I finally wore that top from oasis and isn't is pretty? SO jealous that you went in there, I haven't been in since you came down the time before!

    No apologies needed the ramblings were great! and it was lovely seeing you again and meeting oli, he's lovely!

    I must be the only person that never heard this song but it is rather brilliant!

    Much love my deary!


  6. Great outfit:-) Like your blog,if you like,follow on GFC and Bloglovin and i'll surely follow back:-)

  7. this is a gorgeous outfit!
    I love your hat, can't believe it's handmade

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  8. Waaaaah why do you always look so blumin fantastic!!!!!!! Love the top you're wearing, suits the hat you made ;) xx