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I don’t often hop onto my virtual soapbox and sound off about my political leanings. Most of you will know that I identify as a feminist and count Banyard, Bates, Cochrane and Dzerins as personal heroes, and I’ve been known to post the occasional article relating to my overarching philosophy of people over profit. 

However, I don’t see the appeal of getting sucked into a vicious, tail-chasing and time-consuming debate on Twitter. Neither do I feel the siren call of the Facebook status as a platform to air my half-formed view on whatever news story has just broken on the Daily Mail. Not because I don’t have opinions on such matters, you see. It’s just that, on reading something of an inspiring or infuriating nature, I don’t immediately reach for the keyboard to vent my ire on a public and permanent platform. If something makes me want to talk, or debate, or scream, or cry laughing, I’d rather discuss it in person or not at all. There’s something so completely and utterly satisfying about banging your fist on the table and setting the world to rights over a strongly-brewed cup of tea.

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T-shirt - DIY-ed, jeans and loafers - New Look, satchel - Topshop, cat - ALL MINE.

Thus it seemed fitting that I chose a t-shirt, not a comment stream, to convey my current frustrations. Oli and I painted this simple but effective slogan onto an old t-shirt after a few beers last week. The original idea came from my Dad, who attempted to stoke the political fires of us young’uns at a family do with the immortal words:

“This country is going up the creek. You need to take off those t-shirts, and put ones on that say ‘I’M ANGRY’”

I’m not sure if he intended me to take his words literally, but its sound advice. Sporting this DIY-ed tee seems to have released some kind of pressure valve on my misanthropy tank and afforded me a more positive mindset just in time to enjoy summer with Daveycat. Plus, a badly-painted Katherine Hamnett rip-off shirt teamed with trusty high-waist cigarette pants and comfy loafers is my new go-to monochromatic laid-back student look. 

Fashion fighting talk - what’s not to like?

Betti Baudelaire xxx

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  1. I am new to your blog. This is so cool and I adore the background of your blog.