Friday, 8 February 2013


 The Liebster Blog Award recognises your favourite bloggers with under 200 Google Friend Connect followers. Sort of like chain mail, if you get nominated, you then can choose another 11 people to pass on the award to! Each nominee writes 11 things about themselves, answers 11 questions posed by the previous blogger and then asks 11 questions of their own.

I'm hugely flattered (and more than a little surprised) to have been nominated by the incredible Kathryn, whose blog I've admired for what feels like donkeys years. Thank you, winning lady! So here goes...

11 facts about me...

1) I absolutely hate dealing with drunk people when sober, but always find myself drawn back to bar work. At the moment I eke out a living (when not in Uni) by pouring pints of ale and bantering with a perpetually sozzled Irishman called Tommy.
2) I have three tattoos, two of which were inked within three weeks of each other. I'm planning more, and am scared I'm going to end up looking like this lady by Christmas.

3) Whenever I try to multitask, my body rejects my brain-commands and makes me drop things. It's tiresome.
4) It takes me well over two hours to get to sleep, but when I finally nod off I'm able to sleep for up to 29 hours.
5) I used to train as a dancer for eight hours a day. Now I consider my daily exercise quota reached if I walk to the off-licence, and have trouble touching my toes.
6) I don't do confrontation. Except with those I love the most, or bartenders who deny me beer.
7) Sometimes I daydream about how great it would be if I was God.
8) I have extreme hypochondriac tendencies. Last week, I genuinely convinced myself I had early-onset Alzheimers because I suddenly lost the ability to write coherently and amusingly.
9) I don't trust girls who say things like "girls just don't like me, I get on better with boys." That's bullshit. A potential friend is a potential friend, regardless of gender.
10) My friends and family are the most important people in my life. The friends I grew up with from the age of zero are still my best friends today, and I hope they and the ones I've met along the way still are when I'm 80. If my loved ones ever stop being my priority, I'll be ready for the grave.
11) Today Oli and I celebrated our two year going for a hungover fry-up. I am a born romantic.

 Kats Questions...

+ What sort of person do you think you'll be in 20 years?
I really hope I turn out like my mother. As long as I hold the same basic values I do today, I'll be happy.

+ Why did you start blogging?
God, that's a tough one. I've always kept diaries in some way, shape or form. When my friends and I were about 13, we discovered Xanga (lollins) and so began a long history of blog-keeping. My mate Zoe and I started a fashion commentary blog about three years ago, put on a few club nights and put together a photoshoot before losing interest. The I started my journalism degree, our lecturers said that all aspiring journo's should be blogging and I figured that people would appreciate the opportunity to laugh at how wrong I get it sartorially on a regular basis.

+ What do you think about the most?
 Everything all at once. I usually have at least three different trains of thought running through my head at any one time. But I'm not going to lie, at the moment I'm thinking about journalism/how to pass my journalism course 80% of the time. I speak, write and dream about journalism. Hell, I even rant about it when I'm drunk. How dull.

+ Is there a song that fills you with energy?
THIS ONE. ALWAYS. Seriously, you have to listen to it - it'll rock your world.

+ Which is your favourite pair of shoes?
My new studded Chelsea boots are rarely off my footsies, mostly because they're so versatile. I love my gigantic spike-heeled platform boots, but as I refuse to wear shoes I can't walk in they're currently being used as book-ends.

+ Who was the last person you wrote a letter to?
The company my mum works for. She's the union rep, and asks me to write letters of complaint to H.R for her because she can't deal with computers.

+ What do you usually carry in your bag?
Like, EVERYTHING.  Usual stuff - keys, purse, phone, lippy. At least three books (usually either newspaper or feminism-related). A notepad and pen. My dictaphone. Hello Kitty headphones. 100+ old receipts. More lipsticks. Stale chewing gum. Two kinds of nicotine replacement. Photograph of Oli. A drawing by my friend Loz. A scrap of paper with the Polish for 'fucked in three arses' written on it. A spare scarf.

+ If you could inherit one ability from an animal, what would it be? (eg, heat vision/ flight)
 CAT. I would one.

+ What are you really good at?
Writing, listening, talking far too loud for my own good. Oli says I'm good at 'being a girlfriend', which is good to know...

+ Who inspires you?
Ani DiFranco, Edie Sedgwick, Eva Green, Johnny Whitney, Anthony Green, Audrey Hepburn, my ma&pa, my friends. Gah, everyone is inspiring in one way or another.

+ Can you tell me about a piece of treasure you own?
 My mum and dad divorced when I was six, but remained good friends. For my birthday one year, they melted down both of their wedding rings and had them remoulded into a ring enscribed with a 'B' and 'with love, Mum and Dad'. That was the single most precious piece of jewellry I ever owned. Someone broke into our house and stole it two years ago.

My Questions...

1) If you were God for a day, what's the first thing you would do?
2) What's the best book you've ever read?
3) What is your favourite internet meme/Youtube video?
4) Tell us something about you that we'd never guess from reading your blog.
5) What's the biggest goal you'd like to achieve by the end of this year?
6) What/who are the top three people or things who inspire your style, and why?
7) What's your musical guilty pleasure?
8) What fashion trend makes you want to vomit?
9) David Cameron - Britains saviour or plastic-faced twat?
10) If you had a time-travelling teleportation device, where would you most like to go? It can be anywhere, past, present or future.
11) Where do you lie on the political compass?  : that's mine below!
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Have fun, amigos!


  1. Oh lord above that ring is seriously the most beautiful thing I've ever heard of and your parents rock. I'm so sad it was stolen. We got 'robbed' at work after I closed up last night but they were too stupid to find the money so apart from getting me giddy with the novelty of it, it was a pointless endeavour. Youths.

    I love your answers - and was especially delighted to know about your bag and the odd little pieces of paper you carry with you.

    :D xx

  2. Just posted mine! :) was fun but took me a while, thanks for the tag :) x