Sunday, 3 February 2013


So I went for a mid-week holiday in Walsall, and all I got were four shirts, one jacket, five accessories, two tops, one tattoo, two awesome new mates and really sore legs.

After over a year (A YEAR??!! That's terrifying) of blog-chatting, I popped up to Birmingham for a mid-week shopathon with Tanya and  Sophie. It was so much ruddy fun! I arrived in Brum after a three hour Megabus journey at 8.45am, or go-back-to-bed o'clock, as I prefer to call it. After a massive hug intro and quickstop at Wetherspoons for a fry-up we set off to our first destination, vintage/retro emporium Oasis.

We stopped shopping eight hours later. Yes, really. Birmingham's vintage shops are far, far too good, and Tanya and Sophie's appetite for a tasty bargain was way too closely matched to my own. It was a potential recipe for disaster, but thankfully B'hamzzz retailers are also soopah-cheap. Srsly. In Cow, Tanya picked up a dress, skirt and shirt for a total of £12. HRRRNK ahoy!

I ended up spending around £70, including din-dins, electric cigarette, cupcake and travel to Walsall. We decided that any kind of strenous evening activity would have been a bad call on account of our aching limbs, so instead sat in front of Mighty Boosh reruns with a BANGIN' chinese take-out and T&S's amazingly cute Staffie pooches. Bliss!

The next day Tanya made me breakfast - too awesome! It was much-needed, because it was time for round two. We bombarded Walsall with one goal in mind; emptying our purses.

We didn't actually end up going round many shops (although I did pick up some fabbo 80's dazzlers in the YMCA chazz shop) because instead we made a spur of the moment decision to permanently ink our skin. MORE HRRRNKS!


Sophie's revamped Beatles tatt looked so sharp, Tanya's old-skool camera turned out bloody marvellous and only took an hour *shudder*. My last-minute idea of a needle&thread poking through my skin was, surprise surprise, inspired by my love of crap sewing. Unfortunately, the realisation that I will never be able to see the damn thing in flesh for itself struck about half an hour after I'd had it done, and has been annoying me ever since. Oli's gloating hasn't helped.

All too soon it was time to go home, so after a giant Domino's pizza and a quick glass of vino we hopped back on the train to Brum (narrowly avoiding an altercation with a drunken man-mess) parted at the train station and promised to meet again very soon! YOU TWO, if you don't come to Cardiff very soon and experience the £1 jumble sale for yourself, I'll be having words.

I'll leave you with some pictures of my killer haul. Personal favourite: the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air jacket, which I predict won't be leaving my shoulders until some time in 2022.

Adios amigos!

Betti Baudelaire xxx

EDIT: If anyone fancies reading my recent review of metal legends Funeral For A Friend for WalesOnline, you can find it here!



    PS: You're one of my favourite bloggers! I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award :)

  2. The read was just as pleasant as hearing you tell me all about your trip! I must say I am hugely jelous! Sounds like you met some pretty awesome bloggers and had a darn tootin time! I must come with you next time!!!! The items you bought are amazing and I can't believe it was so cheap! Also, get a blumin outfit sorted and blog!!! I could take some of you tomorrow in town ;)

    Muchos love as per! Awesome xxxxx

    1. we are quite awesome, deffo need to come down next time! ;)

      much love!

      Tanya x

  3. stop it you are too too cute. sounds like you all had such an amazing day and i LOVE your new tat it looks incredible. i know you may not be able to see it but i think think the nape of the neck is such good placement. and what are electronic cigarettes like? i hear they are horrible but they might be a good alternative to the real thing ... so you might be moving to berlin? do you know where in berlin? judging from this post i think you would really love it. and girl, keep in touch, cos if you end up coming here i would love to meet up. following you now, hope you will do the same.
    xx rae

  4. I wish we could do those 2 days all over again! Dont worry , Im pretty sure me and Tanya will be coming down for the £1 jumble sale! :P We would not miss a bargain for anything , and we also need to see your wonderful self again. Deffo need to make this an annual thing! Must be a pain not being able to see your tat , it is amazing tho but I can imagine the frustration! Aha , there has been a lot of drama about my tat. My eldest sister Kelly and my mom and dad were fuming. And a lot of people I know dont approve , they said it looked manly and it will be on show for my wedding, but ah well! Too late now :P I still love it though! :D By the way I've taken some pics ready for a new post , gonna try and do one every week from now on beings as I promised I would! :P Sorry about the essay... :P Hope your okay! xxxxx