Thursday, 22 November 2012

Rainbow Clara Bow

Following today's early morning photoshoot for the Phoenix (our new independent student newspaper, FYI) I've been revelling in the joys of eveningwear as daywear. The lovely Jess's 'down-on-her-luck dolly darling' comment inspired me to embrace what I am labelling the 'bedraggled razzle-dazzle' look. A little bit Catherine Zeta Jones with ripped hems and stockings at the end of Chicago, a little 90's grunge/gothy. Ideal get-up for a cinematically-inspired day.

Also, note the balcony. I HAVE A BALCONY! Ok, so it's a rusty fire escape, but it will do.

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. Paha I love the balcony, don't jip the balcony woman or we'll be having words!!!!!!!!

    The first photo is STRIKING, as per. Loving your outfit choice, so quirky yet girly! The hair looks BOOMTING and you are just fabulous!! So inspiring!

    I have replied to your comment on my blog if yah wanna ch-ch-check it out!!! My next blog post will probably be on Sat/Sun now given London etcetraaaaa.. I'm too busy and too cool to post more than a weeks worth! HA.

    Muchos love xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. haha, YES! this is maybe the best thing ever. xxx

  3. frikin love how you can pull this look off, that dress is lovely! (no idea why you get so jel over my things when u own all the good stuff)

    I do love my florals, you cant beat a floral ever!

    Btw i was joking when i said my self butchered hair mess was better than yours, i was just envy'ing the new look, and i agree yes, it is a bit like fire. good fire though.

    yeah let me know! it will prob be alot easier for me to get the time off in jan/feb time anyways :) aso whenever! i cant wait to show you the vintage shops! they're like another world dontcha think?

    and yes, jarman tales please.

    Muchos Love-os works a treat, back atcha! <3