Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Five Second Update

I have new hair! Praise Jebus, the two inches of bleached fuzz have been removed and a sleek bob'n'bow fringe have been cut in. But that's not all...

 Peach and ginge! Just the injection of bright grafitti colour I needed to cling on to the last remnants of an autumn I didn't even begin to appreciate enough. Thank you once again, Vidal Sassoon.

In order to highlight the new 'do (not that it needs highlighting - I'm pretty sure I'm going to be mistaken for an amber traffic light at least once over the next week) I kept it understated in a rolled-up grey marle skirt, toasty knee-highs and my trusty Goo tee, throwing in a dutty heart-shaped handbag so that at least one part of my ensemble matched my lippy.

Sonic Youth tee - Pulp
Gold collar necklace - Topshop
Grey skirt - donated by Ello
Knee-high socks - Primarni
Boots - cast-offs from Mama H
Bag - chazz

Khaki coat -  H&M
Scarf - found in a skip
Gloves - appeared in my wardrobe, no idea where they originally came from. Hrrm.

I know this khaki coat has appeared in about 5 of my previous posts already, but I can't get enough of it. It was an impulse buy last year and now BOOM, giant trend of the season. It's a brilliant wet weather student coat, goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and -as I discovered recently - has an adjustable waistline. Perfecto.

Adios for now,

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. CHECK YOU OUT! fellow ginger now! I told you the ginge would totally suit you, you almost have my hair ;) Its a good look! I like the 2 tone, so different! and the fringe is brilliant! (although it doesn't quite beat my own self cut fringe of course ;) Vidal Sassoon eat your heart out!)

    Got your comment btw! and yes I agree, you have been a bad blogger!! although I am liking the new header! so i forgive you once again.

    Gutted about bham! but yeah, keep me updated! you will have to just come up for a weekend and enjoy the vintage experience! let me know!

    I also need to hear all about this meeting Ryan Jarman incident! how luck are you, I think I would have been just as annoying :P

    much love!

    your ginger friend, Tanya! <3

  2. OH MY BGEZZZZUSSSS!!! This is the best I've seen yet! It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love love love it!!! Wish I was orange now too we be hair sistaaaahhhsss!! haha.

    Muchos love, always enjoy a post by your lovely self xxxx

  3. "scarf - found in a skip", HAHA! whyyyy have I not read your blog before. gonna do a massive stalk now. also, your hair is divine, you look like a dolly darling who's fallen on hard times (in the best way possible, obv) xxx

  4. Your hair is AMAZING. Welcome to the ginger club. & Sonic Youth for life.