Monday, 5 November 2012


I'm giving up smoking for the 17465th time. It's not going very well, hence the title of this post and the following mishmash of staccato, passive agressive sentences. There's a cold, hard, menacing glint in my eye. My fag-hand doesn't know what to do with itself, the max-strength nicotine gum is giving me a sore throat and my hair smells strange. Like, fresh. Ugh, I just shuddered involuntarily.

It's been one day.

To combat the gnawing sense of loss that accompanies ditching the cigs, I did my best to pull together an outfit that didn't feature a single leisurewear garment. Right on schedule, I experienced a massive attack of the 'I HATE YOU, WARDROBE' neuroses. Seriously, every single bloody item of clothing I own has magically revealed itself to be woven from 10% cotton, 90% crap. I'm sorely tempted to give the majority of it to the poor, unsuspecting charity shops around the corner.
How does one beat the bad clothes blues? Help needed.

Bowler hat - Primark
Cardigan - Lily Vintage in Chester
Dress - H&M
Belt - River Island

I was dangerously close to curling up into the foetal position and admitting defeat, but then remembered this no-fail cardi from Lily Vintage that I picked up in Chester earlier this year. Its fuzzy mohair beauteousness and jazzy splashes of colour enlivens even the 'pleh'-est of outfits in much the same way that a brick enlivens a dull floor (guess the reference, British TV fans. The winner gets a rake. There's another one for This 'ere cream glittery H&M Christmas dress gave me a much-needed sparkle injection. Glitzy dresses - better than Prozac. I cheered up a treat, resisted the urge to set fire to the mountain of clothes left on my bedroom floor and went for falafel. MMM.

The one good thing that has come out of this whole fag-dumping fandango is that I used the money that would usually go towards a pack of 10 Sterling to pay for my first dance class in almost a year. Progress indeed.


Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. Love the dress, its gorgeous! & how the hell has your hair grown so fast? Mine seems to be trailing behind everyone elses' and I want it down to my bum, STAT! xx

  2. heylo!

    I dob't think a tattoo on the wrist is too bad, my sister is just a whimp :P it is worse than on the leg though, i have a tattoo on my thigh and that was no where near as bad as on the wrist.

    WAHHHH!! exited about taking you vintage shopping, if i book sat the 15th off would that be a good shopping day for you?
    sophie might come along too!
    And yes, vintage shopping, tea, what more could a girl like us want?

    hope the quit smking thing is going well! I quit ages ago, but i still end up having the odd ciggie when im stressed, or pissed.

    DANCE LESSONS! so jealous :( i need to get back into my dancing, i haven't been for ages, and im a trained teacher for god sake! dance classes are way more worth the money than a pack of ciggies though :) GOOD LUCK! AND ROLL ON 15TH OF DEC!

    Also that cardigan is bloody gorgeous. give it me?

    much love

    your ginger friend Tanya (p.s you could so rock th ginger look)

  3. I've sort of accidentally quit smoking without even meaning to? I don't know how it happened, I've been smoking for about a third of my life, but there you go. good luck! also that cardigan gives me a major case of the jelz xx