Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Autumn Chillz

Buona sera! After a cracking two weeks in London with the lovely lads at Gay Times I'm back in the 'Diff and MY GOD, it's nippy.

Wine-tasting, copious amounts of reading, plenty of quiet nights at Kentish Town pubs with good friends, catching Oli's pal Paul and his band playing their third ever gig and a sleepy Saturday at the Cherry Orchard Arts Festival in Croydon was all very lovely, but it's meant that settling back into a routine of actually learning things has been, well, it's...it hasn't happened yet.

I don't particularly like winter. I totally see why hedgehogs hibernate and birds fly south, but since neither of those options are available to me (despite my best efforts - sadly, nobody is willing to nail me into a fleece-lined box for three months) I'll have to make do with grumbling like the miserable cold-phobe I am.

I did manage to battle the icy climes and make it into Uni this morning, which is a bloody miracle considering I spent the first 30 minutes of conciousness this morning snarling about the injustice of 9am lectures. Oli convinced me to change out of my PJ's and reminded me that hey, this cold snap means I can dig all of my unravelling vintage knitwear out from the dusty corners of my wardrobe without fear of arriving to class a clammy mess.

Beret - H&M
Jumper - Hobo's
Necklace - made by Ursi
Shorts - American Apparel via Sian
Boots -  Chazz

I styled todays get-up around this corker of a necklace, which was a handmade birthday gift from my baby friend Ursi. Ursh has an eye for strangely awesome statement pieces and fashioned this chunky beast out of discarded copper pipe and navy curtain rope. It's my favourite item of jewelry and I wore it pretty much every day of travelling this summer, so I thought it high time to debut it with some winter warmers. It also encouraged me to chuck a bit of navy into the mix, which I never do despite its perennial chicness and prevalence in my chronically stuffed drawers. These shorts especially carry a triple threat of excellence - supreme comfort, a quirky boxy cut and a sturdy corduroy that hides the bucketloads of coffee I inevitably spill over them. Navy, you're alright. Consider me converted.

The shuffle through the autumn leaves was made bearable thanks to the smashing gift Oli gave me when we met at Kentish Town tube station on the last day of my GT placement. Behold, the scarf of wonder!

Scarf - Zara
Coat - H&M

If there's one accessory that sums up Autumn completely, this scarf is it. It matches the colour of the leaves that line the walk home perfectly, goes with every single coat I own (no mean feat) and is almost as toasty-warm as an extended lie-in. It's almost, almost a reason to leave the house in itself. Uber man-props to Ol for that little find.

I'm tired, it's late and I've eaten too many mini-muffins. I'll leave you with a track that'll warm the very cockles of yer 'eart. It's about timeless zones and being a cat - aural bliss.

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. Love it babe!! I'm only just following you what a total bellend haha!! Will you check out my blog and let me know what you thinkzzzzz? haha jokes! Can't wait to see you later bbz, good to see you blogging again!! KEEP IT UP!! :D xxxxxxx

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Fantastic dresses,and styled beautifully,your black Shoes cute's!...Workwear

  3. THAT'S THE BRIDGE FROM GAVIN AND STACEY WWWWOOAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! Crazayy. You have the best hair always, ever. Please share your mini muffins with me. Thank you!