Sunday, 21 October 2012

Workwear is the WORST

The ode to the Nan-slacks will have to wait (although they do make an appearance), because tonight I'm dedicating my ramblings to the joys of...wait for it...WORKWEAR.
Please don't fall into a dead faint.

I've been on work experience at GT Magazine in London for a week, and as such have not had much time for blogging. Well, not personal style blogging anyway. I've written a couple for the GT website already, which you can find here and here, and am assured the rest will be put up next week. Including one about Nicki Minaj, and you KNOW how much I love her...

I did try to take a few photographs over the week, but my phone camera is SHIT and as a result every sodding one came out like this.


Luckily I've scrambled back to Cardiff this weekend to do a bit of reviewing for Media Wales, which means that my on-call photographer/lovely boyfriend was roped in for a retrospective snapfest of my outfits from the past week.

The term 'workwear' generally makes me feel like I'm about to lose my lunch. To me, it's a byword for mundanity. For boredom, pinstripe suits and the slow surrender of personal and style identity. And beige. Ugh. So when packing for my trip to the Big Smoke, I attempted to create a capsule "really, I'm a serious journalist, look at my flesh-coloured tights and sensible mid-heel" wardrobe that was as far from the dreaded W-word connotations as possible.

Piratey Blouse - Hobos
NAN SLACKS - chazz
Belt - River Island
Shoes - George@Asda

Puff sleeves! High-waisted woollen check! A scraggly beehive and pops of ballerina pink! On my first day at the office I opted primarily for comfort with a sly nod to crazy. Enter Adam Ant-esque blouse, which is light, airy and makes me want to go 'YARRR' every time I catch sight of my own reflection.

Bandana - Rebel Rebel
Jumper - Peacocks
Skirt - River Island
Boots - chazz

I woke up on day#2 missing Daveycat like mad so decided to pay homage to her in this natty kitty knit. The woman serving me in Pret A Manger got so excited about this jumper that for a moment I thought she was going to leap from behind the counter and try to stroke my belly. Thankfully she didn't.

Headscarf - Colours in Berlin
80s-tastic all-in-one - The Yellow Shop
Boots - chazz
Day three was a lazy day, so required a lazy solution. I'd predicted this mid-week slump so packed a jazzy vintage playsuit that, when worn, gives the beholder the impression that the person wearing it has carefully thought through their days attire. In reality, I rolled out of bed, slung it on and dashed out of the house, only just remembering to hop back up to the bathroom and brush my teeth. £22 well spent - this thing can guarantee an extra 10 minutes sleep in the morning.

Jumper - chazz
Skirt &shoes- as before

Oh, what to wear on a bitingly cold day with intermittent spells of torrential rain? Answer: Super-cosy embellished jumper to keep pneumonia at bay, plus nude tights and sturdy but easily removable shoes to ensure the rest of the day isn't spent shivering in wet trousers. Simples.
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Adios, pals!

Betti Baudelaire


  1. If you could only see my work wear, you would see how HORRENDOUS it is. We all have matching trousers and shirts - what could be worse?! Love your cat jumper though! xx

  2. I effing love your 'Nan Slacks'!

  3. I tell you, I think you are the cutest thing in the world. Your hair always looks ace.

    Okay, this is how I roll - Mon to Fri I wear glittery shoes and vintage slips as dresses, Sat and Sunday I wear a tracksuit (leisure suit?) from the early '90s (trust me, it's hot). I LOVE workwear. You look cute as in your work pics, I LOVE/NEED that cat sweater.

    Your work experience sounds good fun. I did work experience at a newspaper and ended up working there. Mind you, it was a shit paper. :D

    PS I have a foster mum cat and FIVE DAY OLD KITTENS! Kill me right now.

  4. Such a great look and I’m loving those shorts...!!! workwear

    1. Thankyou! They're pretty much the comfiest things I've ever worn. Better even that PJs. x

  5. So much to catch up on - and you have blonde hair now (it looks great)! I love your outfits always but especially dig the two here with the circle skirt! :D x kat

    1. D'awhhh thanks! Although I've just looked at the pics again and realised that the skirt is horribly crumpled after a week in a suitcase. Balls. xx

  6. I can see you have took my threat to fall out quite personally and have made a comeback towards me with a blog containing 4 outfits (by the way this doesnt count as 4 blogs in one, although I am impressed!) Your work wear is splendid m'dear!

    oh and b.t.w you totally tricked me into thinking that all in one was a brilliantly constructed outfit.

    Yes I cut my hair off :) I just think I've given up caring of my apperance, I get stranger everyday.

    Thanks for shouting at me to do the D.I.Y Shorts, but i also have a comeback, the "I'm a student layabout" excuse won't wash mith me either ;)

    congrats on the work experience and magazine writing! and im sure you wont forget about me and my lovely blog when you get writing for a magazine ;)

    (This is a long comment)

    But yes! Vintage cow is amazing! they have an ebay store and a website, ill send the links over to you on facebook!
    & if you are ever near birmingham anytime, I would be honoured to give you a tour of the vintage shops! :)

    Much love!

    Tanya x

    1. God damnit! I was hoping this would let me off the hook for another fortnight or so. Or at least enough time for me to sort out my wardrobe haha. But thank you :)

      It's a tricky sod isn't it?! When I first tried it on I thought it was a dress and got my legs stuck in one side of the shorts :( Strangeness is good! You can join my future-crazy-cat-lady brigade if you like. We can get badges and shit.


  7. the badge idea is totally amazing. lets do this!we could start a support group.

    and OMG!! you are actually coming to birmingham? that is like amazing, and YES YES YES I would be honored to give you a tour of the best places to shop in birmingham (the best places are deffo not on the highstreet, even if there are ALOT of shops iun the bullring) You will deffo fall in love with the vintage shops, you will have to let me know when you are coming down and ill try set a day off that would be good for you? :)



  8. I love all these outfits, especially that lovely cat jumper! You are s naturally beautiful too :) I'm so happy I just stumbled across your blog, I am definitely following your blog now.

    My blog:

  9. found your blog via 'The Pulse Of Fashion' and she was right. your look, style and writing is very creative. I love every look. My favourite is the Cat jumper @cherrybombbtq