Friday, 25 November 2011

Oh look, a style post.

I warned you poor people that there would be a style post coming shortly, and sure enough here it is. Ready to have your eyes offended? Yeaaaah y'are.

In all honestyI've been a bit lazy on the old photo-snapping front, but I SWEAR DOWN this will be rectified shortly. See, I'm not sure if I mentioned my latest project for university, but it's all to do with this here blog. For Januarys' entirety, I will be packing away all of my first-hand clothes. They will be consigned to vaccum-packed bags in my draughty attic, and I will only be allowed to wear charity shop, vintage/second-hand and homemade clothes for the whole 31 days. It's kind of a look at an alternative to our Western consumer culture, and kind of an excuse to go browsing charity shops and vintage markets every day in the name of "research". If anyone dares question me, I'll be able to justifiably shout "But I have nothing to weeeaaarrr" in their disapproving faces. So yeah, look forward to that. Car-crash blogging at it's worst. Oh dear.

The following outfit is pretty much the only one I managed to photograph in the past couple of weeks, and I liked it so much I wore it for about three days straight. In my eyes this dress can do no wrong. My hair, on the other hand...


Dress - vintage at Northcote Lane market, Coat - six bloody quid at a local chazza shop, necklace - Primark, tights - kindly donated by Mel, skin - srsly lacking exposure to sunlight.


  1. I love that dress SO MUCH. I made a new years resolution at the start of the year I wasn't allowed to buy anything new (this did not last btw) but I just went spastic on etsy anyway and kept hop-shop-shopping. I am most shameful.

    Good luck with the project and I want to see every single outfit.


  2. DOOOOOD. That is an awesome dress. I like how you're wearing it with boots as well! Can I steal it? THANK YOU.