Friday, 7 October 2011


So blogger wouldn't let me sign in for like, A WEEK, which is annoying to say the least. It's something to do with my university email account also being run by google, which for some reason meant that I couldn't access any other google account on this laptop. Technology is great, until it goes wrong...

As such I've got a backlog of looks to upload, but I'm not sure it would make for a very coherent post so I'll direct you to my ASOS fashionfinder profile instead, which shows what I've been wearing over the past week or so and also has the added bonus of not including my sarky clueless ramblings.

We had a bit of a weird period in Cardiff in the first couple of days of October. It seemed that the summer that completely bypassed our poor city decided to rear it's head and give us a couple of days of searing heat and eye-squintingly bright sunshine. It was ruddy brilliant! Sunbathing in the park in October is literally unheard of in a country known primarily for it's rain and mud, so it was lovely to have an excuse to kick back and enjoy the freak weather conditions for the short amount of time we lasted. Sample retort: "What do you mean, why am I not doing anything remotely productive? I'm making the most of these mild effects of global warming before the UK starts to resemble the Sahara desert and we're all forced to move to Alaska. Now pass me that strawberry split."

The climate seems to have returned to normal now, which I'm not going to complain about because it means it's time to wrap up warm in chunky cardigans, snoods and furry boots! After a drunken shopathon at the St Davids student lock-in I staggered home in possession of this fantastic bottle-green Warehouse cardigan. Warehouse is one of those shops I don't often venture into but they really have excelled themselves with their Autumn/Winter pieces. It's all berry, pine and cream hues with velvet, tweed, chiffon...very ladylike yet also very adaptable to work into the luxe-grunge trend thats currently slinking it's way into this season (and that I can pull off a damn sight better than ladylike on account of inadvertently always looking a bit scraggly around the edges, despite my best efforts). So I decided to attempt a mish-mash of the two for a casual, comfortable uni outfit. It was a good shout, as Efa and I ended up having to leg it around Cardiff for the majority of the day collecting stories for yet another mock news day.

Cardigan - Warehouse, hugely unfashionable smock top - Primark, high waisted shorts (mostly hidden) - thrifted, bag - Pip, necklace - Primarni, loafers - New Look.
I hope to be updating a bit more over the coming months. I know I said that in my last post, but this time I mean it as a) I have a lot more spare time on my hands to write self-indulgent posts about my STYLE VOYAGE b) I will be spending no more than 16 hours a week in coffee-stained attire and c) blogger will now let me access my account. Happy days!

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  1. Perfection - head to toe.

    I feel your pain re Blogger misbehaving. Grrr. Good to see you. Your blog is great for fashion inspiration. :)