Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Something to BRAG about

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I’m not in the habit of reviewing companies on my blog. I’m more at home critiquing dance in than dresses, and the occasional e-mail I receive from ‘the next big online retailer’ offering me the chance to write a sponsored post inevitably end up languishing in my inbox. However, when the kind folk at Brag Vintage got in touch regarding a collaboration, it only took one look at their  corker of a website to get me on board. For one, they are purveyors of this beauteous creation (which I hope to get my hands on as soon as I come into dolla again – purple batwing jumpsuits are my kryptonite). More importantly, Brag openly embrace individuality and diversity and have been rejecting high-street monotony since their inception in 2011.

“We’ve always had a passion for vintage clothing because it gives you that unique look,” says Brag’s Ashley Dye. “We started out selling a few select pieces on eBay and it just took off from there. When you wear a piece of vintage, you know that when you walk down the street you’re not going to catch someone wearing the same item.We also find that the majority of vintage clothing is better quality than much of today’s high-street fashion.”

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Blouse - c/o Brag Vintage, jeans - New Look, shoes - Primark, headscarf - Oasis vintage, sunglasses - found in my old bedroom last week.

The crew at Brag meticulously hand-pick each and every item, ensuring that they meet Ashley’s seal of approval before they make it onto the site. Their selection process alone earns Brag a ridiculously enthusiastic digital high five from my end. Though nothing will ever beat the bliss of browsing through overstuffed racks of mothball-scented jumpers in a dilapidated second-hand emporium (ya rly), sometimes even us hardened vintage aficionados crave the luxury of a sleek, streamlined collection from which we can take our pick.

That’s why I put my faith in Brag’s capable hands and asked them to pick me out a mystery piece to review. I was not disappointed. Ashley and co are clearly a) sartorial genii b) digitally clairvoyant or c) spending far too much time scoping out my blog in an attempt to determine what item I would be most likely to fall ridiculously in love with. This 80’s double breasted blouse, with its ditsy, busy acorn print, ever-so-slightly puffed shoulders and elegant, Betti-acceptable peplum silhouette had me grabbing a pair of high-waisted skinnies and matching heels. In this power ensemble, I feel like I’m striding off into a sharp-talking, high-octane future of investigative journalism and Lagerfeld-esque tailoring. It doesn’t matter that in reality, I strode off to the nearest Japanese restaurant to gorge myself silly on ramen with Oli’s fam. THE DREAM REMAINS, FOLKS, and it’s fuelled by noodles and Sake.

But I digress. I’m crazy-glad that Brag chose to inform me of their existence, so I thought I’d pay it forward and inform you lovely followers (yup, all 55 of you!) too. But make sure you hop over there for a nosey before all the good stuff gets snaffled, because Ashley has big plans.

“Our prices are really competitive compared to other online retailers and we have a huge selection, so we hope to carry on growing and building our website and eventually open some retail outlets,” she says. “We like our customers to feel they are not only getting a piece of vintage clothing, but also a bargain.”

However, Ashley's modest market-dominating ambitions pale into significance when she reveals Brag's overarching goal. When I asked which celebrity she would most like to dress in Brag apparel, I expected the list of usual suspects - Zooey, Alexa, Jameela - to burble forth.

“Honestly?" she laughs. "We’d love to put Justin Bieber in a vintage floral dress."

Given his current meltdown status, I wouldn’t say that’s all too unachieveable.

Shop @ www.bragvintage.co.uk

ALSO, as part of a new post feature which I have tentatively entitled ‘friends bands who are really REALLY deserving of your attention’, I’d like to point your attention to my pal Craig’s band Best Days, who I stupidly didn’t properly check out until last month. They are cocking INCREDIBLE. You really need to listen to them, especially if you’re a fan of Two Door Cinema Club, Peace, Girls or Foals. Here’s their track ‘Something’ – perfect summer tuneage.

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. Loveing that shirt on you, it's so complimentary :O
    and omg, you need to get that jump suit!!


    1. Thanks amigo! And I plan on doing so, right after I win on the scratchcards or something. Curse my empty bank account! xx

  2. You look adorable in this outfit, like a doll and I love your top, that print is amazing, you are very beautiful!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

    1. Ahh, thank you so much :D You made my day xx

  3. ALWAYS SUCH A DREAMBABE. i see what you mean with the high-octane power of the blouse, a little bit Rachel-from-Blade-Runner-ish, no? all you need now is a smoke machine and a robot owl xxx

    1. Holy crap, how did I not pick up on that? I've got the smoke machine, get working on the robot owl lady xx

  4. Might just have to have a little brows at their website ;) That shirt is bloody lovely!!!! I'm in love with your friends band aswell!??!?! I've just recently seen Peace in concert! They were amazinggg :D Cant wait to see you in the Summer Bet! :D xxxx

  5. JEEEZ I haven't been to your blog in so long, I do apologise. What a big pooface I am! How are you going? You've changed your layout and everything, woooooahhh! You are such a hotty MMM YEAH. Talk to you soon I hope!

  6. Oh my, you are so beautiful & cute so I just can't <3 You have amazing style, lil angel <3