Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The blogger formerly known as Space Cadet Betti (?!)

Jesus Christ. I haven't slacked off the blogging this much since the Great Travel Fiesta last summer. I'm truly sorry.
In my defence, the reasons for my absence (apart from the overarching fact that I'm beginning to abhor the internet) my reasons for neglecting Blogger this time are threefold:
a) My handy on-call photographer boyfriend has been cramming like mad for his seven horrendous exams, and has barely left his bedroom. Right now, the chances of me grabbing him for a sneaky outfit post are way below zero until well into next month.
However, I do have this one superb fashion snapshot of the Weekend We All Wore A Lot Of Denim. Accidental co-ordination and fantastic dance moves were the order of the day when we traveled up to Manchester en masse to see The Postal Service.


b) Since giving up smoking and throwing myself head-first into settee-based, cheese puff-chomping academia I have gained no less than a stone and a half. Yes, really. Though I'm by no means overweight, the fact that half my wardrobe is now unwearable due to those extra couple of inches on my waistline is a bummer that my little brainbox is getting a tad upset about. As much as I hate to say this, it's hard to have outfit picture fun-times when you don't feel comfortable in your own skin. BOO TO BOLLOCKS 'BEAUTY STANDARDS'. I'm trying not to be thwarted by the fascist fash-army's dictates on how my body should look, though. Normal service will be resumed once I have finished elasticating my waistbands.

c) 95% of my waking time has been taken up with an exciting new fashion-y venture...faventure?? No, that doesn't work. ANYHOO, My pal Efa has a lovely pal called Ellie who saw my Bedtime Stories dresses and put me in touch with her lovely pal Mark. Mark has just opened his new stall, Dark Mavis, at Cardiff Fashion Quarter and has asked me to create a collection of one-off items to sell. Exciting times ahoy! The labels have been ordered, the fabric has been sourced and production has commenced. Look, here's a picture of me at my sewing machine to prove it:

PMsewing 2013 009
I'm looking a bit rough around the edges as a result of hours of home-based design work, so I've super-imposed a mortar board and Lemmy 'tache for a little comic relief. Just thought I should clarify that in case you panicked and thought I'd cracked up/developed some kind of wonder-grow female facial hair formula in the past two weeks. I haven't.

I'm keeping schtum about the details until everything has come together a bit more, but I can confirm that a website will be going live soon and that Dark Mavis will be launching the range in just under two weeks. Here's a few little sneak-peeks to whet yr collective appetite!
sewing collage

I promise I'll be back fo'realz soon. Honest.

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. Aww love this post! I miss your ramblings ;) I'm sooooo jealous you saw The Postal Service Aghh!!! Great denim theme too!! I know what you mean about the whole weight malarcy, since going to port aventura I feel so sluggish cause everything was literally bleeding with fatty oils :( even though it's my birthday I plan on going for a run later! Ha!

    Again, CONGRATS ON THE FIRST!!!! You're amazing and I expected no less ;) speak to you later hopefully, would be nice to hear my dear chums voice again! Xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh, all the denim. I am quite sad I missed the memo about that day - I felt out of place! Though I don't think I actually own any denim tops/tshirts/jackets/shirts #sadface

    I am very excited to see these dresses! I can feel my purse strings just itching to be pulled...

  3. BETTI!! It's been way to long deary! It always makes me smile to see a comment on my blog from you! also because I know it means you have also blogged and I can read your latest shenanigans!

    I didn't want to leave holiday! the weather is so much more stable there and you don't look like a tit if you leave the house with bare-legs as it doesn't rain half way through a sunny day in greece.

    I wouldn't call it serious packing skills, id call it almost going over your limit of packing and having to spread your toiletries into everyone else's bags to fit in my extra shoes and clobber!

    on another note, forget coming over to shop! I am coming over for you to measure me up and make me a one off piece like that bloody beaut of a skirt! ARGH! I'm in love a little bit! I think you seriously need to give me and Sophie a clothes making crash course! We have plenty of ideas but not a clue with a sewing machine and a piar of scissors!

    Also Congrats on the collaboration with Brag Vintage! I checked out their site and once again I am in love with half the site... now if only I had a bank balance to match my shopping addiction ay?

    MUCH LOVE!! x