Monday, 13 May 2013

Sartorial glee

PMmay 13 2013 015

Wotcha lads! Once again, I've resorted to illustrating my glee by donning neon pink lipstick, a camembert grin and posting a horrifically contrived 'jump for joy' pic. I'm such a cliche/douchebag/WINNER.

I've got fair reason to smile. The sun is out. I'm sporting a terrific shade of champagne pink in my hair courtesy of Vidal Sassoon. I'VE HANDED IN ALL OF MY SODDING UNIVERSITY WORK (and am ignoring the forthcoming law exam). Mother Dearest and I are set to embark on an upcycled fashion venture very soon. Loz lent me the Outnumbered boxset and I spent five hours watching seasons one and two in front of the telly last night in Friday's make-up. The dream, my friends, is being lived.

It therefore seemed appropriate to reflect my blindingly awesome mood in my outfit choice. Mushing together my favourite S/S13 trends (pastel tweeds, denim cut-offs, ice cream hair - you're up) with ripped-up numerical tights and a pirate blouse & boot combo resulted in a look that falls somewhere between 'New Romantic socialite' and 'swashbuckling maths enthusiast'. I'll leave you guys to decide which one fits the bill.

PMmay 13 2013 005
PMmay 13 2013 017
Jacket - Primark, blouse - Hobo's, shorts -, shoes - chaz shop.

Adios, amigos!

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. WHEEEEEEE so cute. Look at you being all cute. Yay for no more uni work! That is exciting. I have finished all my work too, and in 2 weeks I will have a 7 week holiday. YESHSHEGHSGAJGHG I CAN'T WAIT.

  2. AWW so happy that all the uni stress is over for you and I'm happy for me too cause it means I get more outfit posts to read!! :D Love this jacket on you, I want to see a post on the suit pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!

    Also, AMAZING blog revamp!!! Please make yourself a button soon so I can put you on my blog, right at the top obvz! Love you hunnie bee, when I get back from holiday we'll have to have a full on day together and go shopping and make some stuff!