Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Saint Laurent

I am not one for religiously writing detailed analyses of the Fashion Week trends. For someone who writes a "style" blog I know sweet FA about the ins and outs and shake-it-all-abouts of the fashion industry. Playing keep-up with trends and their haute couture origins is pretty much on par with the idea of attempting to stop a bandsaw with my face on my list of great ways to spend my time, and I'd rather not waste your all-too-fleeting lives (or mine, for that matter) by subjecting you to an in-depth, amateur analysis of the latest cloth circus.

However, Saint Laurent's Fall 2013 collection is pretty much everything I want my wardrobe to be, so I couldn't possibly let it slip by after seeing Mark Francis Vandelli's* blurred Instagram photo's of the event  without putting my two cents in.

Vandelli was quick to brand the whole shebang as 'ghastly', which is unsurprising considering his uber-polished aesthetic, which was pretty much the antithesis of the SL show.

Yep, ol'Hedi went grunge...GRUNGE! The lazy fashionista/student/music lover/habitual misanthrope's dream! Floaty chiffon and floral print dresses layered with chunky cardigans and Cobain-esque oversized shirts! Pussybows, insanely sheer tights and stampy-stompy boots accented with lashings of leather! Roughed-up LBD's and polished gothic androgyny! Tartan! Beaded jackets! Chunky knit scarves! SHOES THAT ARE ACTUALLY EASY TO WALK IN!! Finally, a series of catwalk looks that I might actually be able to recreate with a trip to the chaz shop and clothes I actually own!!! I think my fashion loins just exploded from over-stimulation.

Trinity from the Matrix goes on a date ^

 Angry goth teen visits Nan on a Sunday ^

High-class flasher^

 Kinderwhore couture. Nice. ^

 All over these boots like white on rice.^

 That jacket. That funeral dress. That grimace. Wowza ^

 "What happened to you, bondage? You used to be cool." "BONDAGE STILL COOL!"^

 Are they sequinned/studded tights I spy? Outstanding! ^

Manic pixie dream girl extra in a Wes Anderson movie^

 Cara Delevigne in a BOOMTING duffel coat^

Casual androgyny, winning^

Lazy Sunday morning cabaret singer. I'm a sucker for a glitzy oversized knit^


(Pics courtesy of Fashion Salade)
Apols for spamming Slimanes finest - it was terrifyingly tough to select my favourite 15 from the bunch. What do you think of Saint Laurents' angsty offering? Is is too awesome for words, or a tired cliche rehash? I'll leave you to make your minds up. I'm off to thrift some man-jeans and a new pair of biker boots. Tally-ho!

*Yes, I am an unashamed social media stalker of the flamboyant Made In Chelsea hero. WHAT OF IT?


  1. Oh god, just give me ALL OF IT. Especially those sparkly tights! Amazing collection, sheer grunge-luxe.

  2. OMG! who knew catwalks were so full of 'our' fashion? My eyes don't tend to stay on a catwalk pic for longer than 0.1 seconds but i was staring at these in utter awe with mouth wide open. give me these clothes now!

    in response to your comment:

    I'll try and stick with the black for a while but with all the comments on how 'I look a lot more normal now' and my new fravourite 'you look all grown up' I am seriously considering having a marge simpson-esque do instead!

    You did tell me in a comment about you meeting Ryan Jarman but I want to hear the entire story in full detail! That will be on the to do list when we come up and see you!

    Much Love!

    Tanyarrrrr x

  3. Literally love e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! x

  4. Love this look, its so cool and laid back:)


  5. I am seriously amazed by this selection!

    Your captions for the pics made me die laughing. Perfecto xx