Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rites of Spring & READ ALL ABAAAHT IT

Oh my gawwwd, guys! The magnolias are almost in bloom. The trees are donning their juicy emerald coats. I'm going out sans hoodie. Do you have any idea what this means? If not, here's a handy equasion to help you out...

Yep, spring is here, which means that a) it's only a couple of months until summer comes a'calling and b) after a winter of woolly hosiery, it's acceptable to wear flesh-coloured tights and loafers when gallivanting around the park on yet another procrastination outing.

Blouse - Warehouse, satchel - Topshop, skirt and belt - charity shop, headscarf - Oasis vintage, shoes - New Look.

I picked up this smashing skirt and belt combo yesterday when prowling the streets of Canton. I'd been looking for a whimsical floral skirt and chunky black waist belt for a good long while, so finding both for under £6 actually made me do a little glee-jig at the tills. My lazy summer wardrobe is sorted, leaving me to muse on more important issues such as where to go camping, and when to start cracking out the Pimms.

In other news, issue four of our student newspaper The Phoenix was released yesterday! I can't explain how proud I am of the collective effort in bringing the issue together - it's our best yet. For those of you who don't know, The Phoenix is one of the only independent student newspapers in the whole of the UK. It was conceived and set up by my friend/coursemate/crazy powerhouse of energy and determination Ellen Coyne.

Without ANY Student Union funding or support (just to put this in perspective, our direct rivals at Gair Rhydd - Cardiff Uni's student paper - receive £20,000 a year from the S.U), she managed to whip together a team of eight or so third years who were ready, eager and committed to producing a monthly 32-page investigative student publication.

We all put our respective skills to use; Ellen is the driving force and relentless newshound, Efa writes amazing, hard-hitting features on miscarriages of justice and political activism, Mike does a stellar job of writing and editing the scathing critiques of music and popular culture, Huw, Erik & Ben use their crazy-awesome design skills to put together our pages, whilst Tom and Dan are top of the league (teehee...sorry) as regards their fantastically comprehensive sports pages. I write features about anything and everything. It's stressful, time-consuming and sometimes downright soul-destroying when things don't seem to be working out, but all those aspects pale into insignificance when compared with the incredible feedback we receive and the bucketloads of fun we have putting it all together.

After three issues, we've already been recognised by journalists at the Independent, had a piece written about us in Private Eye, had stories lifted by Media Wales and have royally pissed off our university press office on more than one occasion. As young journalists, we must be doing something right!

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. I didn't think about the flowers blooming again actually, but now you mentioned I caaaaaan't wait! Oh those pretty magnolias!
    And I love the cut of your blouse! :)

  2. Wohooo!! Lovely to see an upbeat sunny post! I know the feeling, soon as you see a bit of sun you get over excited and bang out the loafers and skin tone tights, I was also a victim of this today and although it probably did look better than a huge jumper I was FUREEZING in Bristol today!!!! Love your outfit miss, lush to see you getting lots of hits of the clueless outfit, that's my favourite! Can't wait to catch up next week, give me a call girl! <3 mwah xxxxxxxx

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  4. Wow, congrats about The Phoenix! So great that all your hard work is beginning to be recognised :)
    Also, I think this is my dream blouse and I am now crying a little that we don't have Warehouse in Australia.

  5. Betti! the headscarf from oasis is deffo a winner, it looks so whimsical!

    How weird is it that I am wearing my floral doccers and flesh colored tights today and I just read your blog like WOAH! great minds think alike ay?

    You are deffo going for the spring look! and the skirt and belt waht a bloody barg! we like these.

    Congrats on the paper! I honestly don't know how you ever have any spare time!

    peace out