Sunday, 3 March 2013

Handknits and denim.

It's that time of year again, folks. Deadlines are pinging around left, right and centre. An average of 12 out of 24 hours is being spent in front of the laptop with a pile of books about feminist theory and the modern interactive age scattered across the floor. My phone is glued to my ear, frantically calling up interviewees and research sources. It's the final countdown: graduation is less than six months away and for that reason my morning fun dressing-up box moments have been eschewed in favour of lazy student leisurewear. Apolz!

I've been knitting again, which is where this natty little raspberry number appeared from. After a lot of cowering, I finally picked up my cable needle for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by how easy cable stitch is to figure out. I used a Rowan pattern, and it took 150g of super-chunk wool and a couple of hours to achieve. If any knitters out there are interested in seeing the pattern I'll be only too happy to send it over :)

I don't usually 'jean' despite having myriad pairs, but after carting three mahoosive bags of crap to the chazz shop after a three hour room reset (yay procrastination!) I dragged these H&M Squins out of retirement. The colour and the fit are great 3 years on - it's just a shame about the low-rise which means that I'm constantly avoiding a tragic builders bum scenario. After spying the ASOS Fashion Finder 'Spotlight On Denim' page and crying tears of envy at how well all those girls styled our drainpipey friends, I may be tempted to rock a skinny more often.

Anyone with a subscription to Glamour and ready access to a Topshop branch can't fail to have noticed that the slogan tee trend has boomeranged back around, revamped and ready to go with an influx of 'geek chic' statements and internet pop culture references. While I love a good slogan, I'm way too much of a technophobe to go near any of the semi-colon-open-parentheses numbers, and am sufficently nerdy and awkward enough as it is. The last thing I need is to advertise the fact across my chest.
Instead, I opted for a bangin' black number that I picked up at the now sadly defunct Folk Farm a couple of years ago for a fiver, which offers the perfect irreverent-youth tonic to all this nu-geekery nonsense. Irresponsible drinking is my mantra for life, yo! I'll never grow up! Yargghhhhh!!! *cue pre-midlife crisis as 25th birthday edges ever closer*

Coat&jeans - H&M, cardigan - handknitted by Mama H, tee - Folk Farm, bag - secondhand from Jenny, hat - handknitted by me, Converse - secondhand from Zoe.

Anyone wanting to read my latest review of the outstanding National Dance Company Wales should click here, btw. For now, ADIOS!

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. I love this outfit. Such a nice hat! I also live in fear of my cable stitch needle but you've inspired me to brave it once and for all.

    Elise x

  2. Love the step in your fringe - looks amazing!

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    I am also running my 1st blog giveaway here where you could win MAC, Jewellery plus other goodies.

    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

  3. Your outfit looks so perfect for this time of year
    and your hair is the cutest! :D


  5. That jacket and your adorable new hat make this outfit so cool. It's like, "Bam! Some edge yo!" in a way that personally wouldn't have occurred to me when throwing on my own lazy day clothes. Also your hair looks rad.