Friday, 15 February 2013

21st Century Lord Byron.

So for the past week I've been drinking in Chipping Norton pubs with my mums family and messing up the settings on my camera.

I went to an old friends funeral, which was horrible. He was an awesome, awesome guy and it fucking sucks that he's gone.

I've been looking after my cat, who has a broken jaw and a messed up eye. She was missing for two days until my brother found her wedged between a shed and a wall. The vet said someone either hit her with a car or kicked her, and she had probably gone away to die. Props to the two cats who spent a day trying to alert my mum as to her whereabouts. To the person who almost killed Daveycat and has left her too scared to go outside, if I ever find out who you are I will break into your house at night and put arsenic in your milk.

Lovely bloggy Tanya gave me some friends and family discount vouchers for New Look (THANKYOU AGAIN!) so I made an attempt to brighten my mood and bought some cheery red trews. I wore them with my nerdy book jersey, a poor mans cravat, a tartan jacket in a nod to heritage and a tuxedo jacket. I have a tendency to eat too many trends at once and vomit them out in an incoherent sartorial jumble. Oli said I looked like a dandy writer. 21st Century Lord Byron chic is my new go-to look.

Tuxedo jacket - charity shop, tartan jacket - Peacocks, blouse - Internacionale, book top - Romwe, shit cravat - mummy dearest, bag - gift from Jenny, trousers - New Look.

On a lighter note, Oli and I spent more time that we should have smearing shaving foam on our faces and doing impressions of the moon. Help is needed.

Over and out!


  1. I am so sorry about your cat! Stupid hit and run drivers. I hope she gets better, and that she doesn't suffer too much.

  2. HAHAHAAH!! You're way too cool for school Bet, fairplay! I love the foamed faced!!! You guys look like a great match! ;) ke ke ke

    On another note, LOVVVVVVVVVVVING this outfit, it's so nerdy and preppy! I wanna dress like yoou!!! Maybe I should invest in some nerdy slogan jumpers and wear them to work, sure I'd get away with them ;)

    I've also replied to your post on my blog, FYI, new blog post too ;) hope you like!!!

    See you next week! Mwah mwah mwah xxxxxxxxx

  3. Aw poor Daveycat :( I hope she's alright - someone ran our kitten Toby over when he was about 6 months old, he had to stay in a cage for 6 weeks >_< I am always SO cautious when driving in residential areas in fear of crazy cats - though I did stop for a baby squirrel the other week and the driver opposite definitely laughed at me....

  4. looking fly as per. sorry about your cat (and your family friend, what a rough week) - i would totally be up for some vigilante cat justice poisoning if you need any assistance ;) xxx

  5. THE MOON PICS ARE AMAZING! you have just made the perfect fancy dress outfit! you so should have made a video to go with it ;)

    poor daveycat :( I will never understand some of the cruel people in the world! at least he is safe and sound at home now! and I wouldn't want him to ever leave the house! he can stay in and pretend to be the moon with you and oli. best thing for him!

    YAY thanks for the mention! and good purchase with the vouch. looking awesome as usual!

    much love! x