Friday, 25 January 2013


At long last, the ice has started to thaw. Joy! As a result, I have stopped hibernating in my living room and today ventured outside for more than five minutes

It was a much needed little amble. I'm starting to crack a bit under the weight of all this University and extra-curricular work, and after spending the last week glued either to a laptop, book or manuscript I was pleasantly reminded that actually, there is a world beyond my dissertation out there.

So mentally frazzled am I that last week I decided to cheer myself getting a new tattoo! I originally intended to get a small black cat silhouette on the nape of my neck. However, I had a chat with Jules at Frontier (who I've known for a while) and he managed to convince me in his mellifluous Welsh accent that actually, that would be rubbish. He then whipped out one hell of a drawing, which we then talked over and modified before etching onto the tender skin of my inner arm.

HOLY COW, this one hurt like a bitch. After the relatively painless experience of my first tattoo I was totally unprepared for the ouchies of a 1.5 hour sitting. The first hour or so was fine and dandy, but as Jules was finishing off the last bits of colour my other arm started to twitch involuntarily, and I near crushed Oli's hand as I tried to block out the pain and focus on Zoe's cat-related stories and the relentless Dropkick Murphys soundtrack.

It was all worth it though, because now I have little Mittens here to accompany me wherever I go!

In another attempt to beat the January blues Jenny and I stopped by the Zara sale yesterday and found this incredibly upbeat (if verging on nonsensical) tee-dress for £9.99. I cultivated a love of badly translated English slogan t-shirts when travelling this summer, so finding this clumsily-worded little gem in the reduced rack ensured that a goofy grin was stuck on my face all day, memories of Krakow and Genova fresh in my mind. Nice one, Zara. Your cut-price positive-mentality mantras have alleviated my dissertation distress...for now.

 Tee-dress - Zara, 'trash' hairclip - Lunacy, boots - Eccentrix, bag - Tea&Cake

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. I love that tattoo! I am currently working out the fine details for my next one, and seeing yours makes me even more desperate to get mine done NOW! xx

    1. Oooh, what are you going to get and where? I'm a bit worried about my continuing obsession with more tattoos - I'm going to end up like that crazy vampire lady in a couple of years! xx

    2. I'm getting a fox at the top of my thigh, but I need to tone up a bit first, so it's forever delayed by my laziness! Tattoos are hella addictive, I want to be like a walking library! xx

  2. AH TATTOOSS! I need a new one in my life, I have a few ideas, maybe we should get a tiny one while your down ;) I need to get my new idea sketched up and done, although the one and a half hours of pain you went through scare me slightly!

    FRY UP! YES! one of the vintage shops is actually right next to a wetherspoons! so after your long journey down we could go straight for a fry up! (a vegetarian one for me ofcourse, which wetherspoons does offer strangely enough!)

    Love how you can just walk around in a t-shirt dress and look amazing. I hope you are preparing yourself to meet up with a stumpy midget who never really looks brilliant. I might just wear a paper bag over my head just for the crack of it.


  3. Fabulous outfit and damn, that tattoo is amazing :D

  4. that tattoo is rad! and your shirt is hilarious :D

  5. god aren't you just the cutest thing ever and your tattoo is just so cute :) love it.
    xx rae

  6. you are my FAVE. that dress is hilaire xx

  7. Hi Betti! :D Your looking wonderful as always , bloody love your new tattoo! I'm with Tanya I reckon we should so get a mini tattoo when you come down! Buzzing about it btw , should be a great two days! :D Looking forward to seeing you xxxx

  8. Hie:)
    Thank you so much for following my blog! Followed you too xx
    I love that T-dress by the way:)