Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Treats forgotten and found

As part of my 'be a better blogger in 2013' resolution I've been meddling with the settings on my not-so-trusty camera in order to get better snaps for this 'ere page. Following the disasterous photographic tragedy below, I think I'll stick to auto mode and my back garden, even if it makes me sad that I can't make use of the posh, private Cardiff Uni avenue behind my house. Balls.

Blouse - charity shop, jumper - Peacocks, necklace - Camden market, skirt - River Island, bag - Tea and Cake.

^Good collar, no?

The other forgotten treats are pieces of jewellery I recently rescued from a dusty, neglected box in my bedroom. Some of them haven't seen the light of day since I was 14. Tis time for you to shine, my dodgy neck candy friends.

Ignore the burn marks on my jumper. I really must lay off the lying-down lazy girl smoking.

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. Love that collar! I am always on the lookout for shirts with pretty collars but I think you and Miss Sutton have snagged the lot! xx

  2. That collar is beautiful! & LOL at the fag burned jumper! and yet its still a brilliant outfit!

    Also when you said on my post "becuase of your height" did you mean hight of a man as in ur really tall or height of a school kid cuz ur small, cuz i'm sort of a midget... just thught id let you know that you are looking for a small gingr prson when you jump of the train/coach/whatevs! (we need to plan your travel arrangements!) x

  3. Youre so cute and damn, I need that Poo necklace!!

  4. I love that collar! It's so cute. I definitely love those necklaces, the poo one is hilarious haha xx