Thursday, 3 January 2013

Imperial Marchin' or I wish Kathleen Hanna was my girlfriend.

Today has been mostly spent re-listening to old Le Tigre albums in my bedroom, quietly bemoaning the fact that I will never, ever be as awesome as Kathleen Hanna.

On the plus side, my hair is beehaving. Get it? BEE-having? Like, it's a beehive, and it's...ach, never mind. My excellent puns are wasted on t'internet.

Coat - H&M, Brekkie Club jumper - Primark menswear, skirt - Hobo's, badge and bow - charity shop, bag - as always,creepers - Niche.

I also met my all-time hero under the bright lights of Hamleys. Move over Oli, there's a new fancy man in town.

 Lego Darth Vader - now THERE'S a project. Sadly I had to make do with a £1.25 motivational Lego-lady that I created (ahem) myself. The pink top is to remind me to introduce more colour into my wardrobe. The ponytail clip-on hair is to encourage me to grow my locks long. The gun is to keep me focussed on my long-term goal: to stage a military coup and take on the world from my balcony.

Dissertation calls! Over and out, comrades.

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. I LOVE THAT BAG. I may be obsessed with bags, but that one is just amazing! Plus you can't go wrong with a Breakfast Club t-shirt.

    I've also decided that soon, along with getting rip-roaring drunk soon (as we haven't done it in ages), we're going to drag out my SLR and take some hilariously great 'photoshoot' pictures and therefore become bblogger famous. Plan? xx

    1. Yes, yes and thrice yes! Both sounds like excellent plans - give me a texty or Facebook message to finetune arrangements :)

  2. I'm in love with your bag and actually I love every part of this outfit, yay !

  3. Very cute! And love your little Lego you :D

    CC x

    1. Hai! Thanking you ma'am! I'm a little bit obsessed with lego me, I might put her on a necklace. I'm stumped as to why my follow button isn't working for you :( But then again I am technophobic so the internet in general tends to confuse me. Do you have a blog I can follow? :)

  4. awww, lovely bowknot! you look incredibly fantastic!

  5. your hair is disgustingly amazing. how do you always do this?? also YES to kathleen hanna, whatta babe xxx

  6. loving the beehive and the pun was just amazing.

    WHY ON EARTH did you show me those bloody shoes! I am in love with them and desperately need a pair now :/

    I think I ought to send you my number so we can text, I think that would probably work better than facebook messaging as we are both as bad as each other at going on there! :) <3