Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hero, zero, Marilyn Monroe

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I’m fully aware that I haven’t yet finished the epic snooze-fest/travel-blogging efforts, but bear with me. All in good time. This month has seen yet another massive upheaval, albeit one that 95% of students know and dread. Yup, September 1st was moving day and mercifully I have now moved out of Mama H’s living room and into a cosy flat in the centre of Cardiff with Oli and Sian. Life is sweet, the washing up is always done and we have a fire escape balcony to sit and smoke on so the place doesn’t smell like death. Happy days!

The move does also mean that we are now totally skint (again...this seems to be a recurring theme) and can’t afford to set up an internet connection until our student loans bounce into our bank accounts.

Those of you who refuse to believe that I’ve done anything remotely productive this month should head over to me other blog and read about my cracking work experience week at Media Wales. It gives the (false) impression that I don’t spend the majority of my time lazing on the sofa rereading novels from my childhood and even makes me sound a wee bit interesting. I’m not, but that’s beside the point.

Enough waffling – the real reason I decided to come back and style blog is because I just HAVE to share the fact that I am now a bona fide platinum blonde! Yep, Vidal came through again and managed to fix sun and sea ruined hair with a snazzy cut and bleach job.

Jacket - DIY-ed
Shirt - formerly property of Papa H
Skirt - Topshop
Tights - H&M
Creepers - Niche

After devouring the latest copies of Elle and Glamour I found myself simultaneously entranced yet repelled by the refined glamour of the Hitchcock Heroine trend splashed all over the pages. On the one hand my week at Media Wales allowed me to open my mind to the possibilities of dressing simply and vaguely elegantly, but my eight weeks of living like a dishevelled traveller (not to mention over a decade of embracing a punk-rock aesthetic) naturally rebelled against the idea of surrendering to a life of well-tailored blouses and pencil skirts. So I’ve struck a compromise with my tug-of-war sartorial synapses and ended up styling myself like the result of a threeway between Debbie Harry, Marilyn Monroe and Tippi Hedren.
The rollers are out in full force most days to create an old Hollywood mass of curls, as is my barely-wearable customised leather which adds a nice touch of edginess to even the sweetest of floral shirt-dresses.

Jacket - as before
Dress&Bag - Penny Lane Vintage
Belt - River Island
Shoesies - Asda

The only exception was Oli’s mums wedding (which was so saccharine-sweet I had to fight back a tear on at least three occasions) where I threw together an approximation of a nuptial-appropriate outfit that drew Monroe comparisons left right and centre. Huzzah for tulle white dresses, pillarbox red lipstick and Indian summer days.

Next time – why I am championing the non-existent ‘Badly-Disguised Superhero’ trend. Stay tuned.


  1. replied on my blog (so make sure u read that)but I thought id repost it here too, :)

    Blondie! really suits you, I cant quite chose between what hair colour I think looks best, but I think you should join the ginger brigade with me ;)

    Love all your lovely outfits as usual. and i have missed your blogs m'lady! sort that internet out sharpish! :)

    much love


  2. lovely ! :)

    thanks for your visit dear *