Monday, 5 September 2011


Anyone else remember that song? I do, it's bloody awesome. Plus it's a good reflection of how I'm feeling at the moment. Yes, I am riddled with t'lurgy and it is no fun at all. So instead of dressing up in my nice fancy-pants clothes, ripping up the rainy streets of Cardiff and generally having a whale of a time I'm sat under a Scooby Doo duvet watching Homes Under The Hammer and shouting at Oli for burning my Supernoodles. Oh, and smoking a lot of menthols - for medicinal purposes, you understand. If menthol tissues work I don't see why these won't. Smoking makes you cool, kids. Fact. This woman knows...
So I may be being a tad sarcastic about the smoking part but hell, this old lady rocks. Future-self style inspo, for sure.
As you can imagine, being a walking Kleenex advert has meant that the past few days have been a tad dull, and there's been very little to blog about. Exceppppt my outfit on Friday night! Jen and I decided to hit the town for the first time in like, a decade (read: 2 weeks) but surprise surprise, I was feeling completely uninspired by the contents of my closet. Luckily I remembered that one small part of my sewing kit had not been completely lost when I moved house so I was able to finally stitch up my old Pop skirt, which is really flattering but had come apart along the waistband. A couple of quick stitches and BOOM, it was ready to wear.
I found Marlena's ( - blogspot is being a cocktree and won't let me link properly) tutorial on how to make a ruffle-sleeved t-shirt really interesting, as I'd been looking for a way to jazz up my old Distress to Impress t-shirt for a while. It's a wicked tee by a local independent designer/musician called Kitty Cowell (check her out) but the tee style was very boxy and high-necked and made me look like I was trying to dress like my seven year old self, which is never a good thing. So I took what little advice I could remember from Marlena's tutorial and adapted a few bits - mainly because I was very short on time - and through a process of trial and error managed to transform it into a t-shirt that was actually wearable!!

I like how it turned out, but can't help thinking it looks almost a Mainstream even (though I hate that word). It was a cute and easy to wear outfit but something about it made me feel a bit...dull, and not myself. I was proud of my handiwork though!
More to come when I'm no longer at the brink of death...or at least til I grab myself a Lemsip and man the fuck up. Til then, I'll be shutting my sorry ass indoors to save burdening people with my "I'm soooooo iiiillll" ramblings, watching Oli doing his unnerving 'sexy dance' and possibly making a miniature Dick Turpin style hat for my cat. Over and out!

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