Friday, 12 July 2013

Summer tweed

summer int

Arriba! This is my island in the sun etc etc.

I have just one question for UK bloody hot has it been this week?! Excuse me brieflt for indulging my stereotypical Brit conversational side, but these record temperatures deserve at least a mention (alongside a hefty dose of incredulity - what have we done so right to deserve this heatwave?) My Aussie buddies might not understand the excitement felt over a 27 degree celcius day, but for most of us here in Blighty this unprecedented warmth more than makes up for the holidays that the recession has so cruelly snatched from us.

I had a couple of internship interviews on one of these searingly hot days, and ran into a bit of a conundrum over what to wear. I opted for tweed, which may seem like a bit of a duffers choice considering what a hefty material it is, until you factor in the flippy, uber-summery skater skirt and mind-blowingly awesome cream, lime green and hot pink colour palette weaved into this Primark dress, which almost creates an optical illusion of shifting colour when the skirt moves with you.
PM10th july 2013 003

PM10th july 2013 002

Dress  -Primark via Jenny, shoes - Dorothy Perkins, satchel - Topshop, shades - discovered in my bedroom.

I was planning on wearing it with the accompanying jacket (see here) but the heat proved too much, so all that was needed to accessorise was a faux-suede pair of nude flats, a chunky satchel and a winning smile.

I got the job.

Betti Baudelaire xxx