Sunday, 21 July 2013

Snapped Up and print-clash experiments

pmsnapped up 014

Mammy, Dark Mavis and I took the Betti Baudelaire rail on the road today, and boy, what a corker of an afternoon we had!
Snapped Up Market takes place at the Printhaus, which is a whole 4 minute walk from my house. Mammy has been busy whipping up some of the designs - I've been woefully lax on the sewing front since starting my new job - and so we were able to debut four new pinnys, two new skater skirts, a ditsy floral dress and a few vinyl cake stands that Oli and I whipped up in the wee hours of last night. DM also brought down a bunch of beautiful t-shirts and prints by his newest collaborator Pyklops, whom I may be working with in the near this space!
The market wasn't as busy as we had hoped it would be (I reckon the heat + Sunday = BEACH TIME equasion was a factor there) but we managed to shift a little bit of stock, gorged ourselves on sweets and coffee and still found time to pose for the ridiculously cabaret photo above.

PMsnapped up 009

PMsnapped up 012

PMsnapped up 005

PMsnapped up 010

PMsnapped up 007

PMsnapped up 002

I made a doofy decision on looking out of the window this morning. I spotted a grey cloud - a cloud, would you believe?! - and therefore assumed that our moody British weather had returned to normal. Not so. I was clammy.
I've never been a big one for print clashing. The whole thing renders me slightly bewildered - hell, I have trouble remembering what colours match on the best of days. Whenever I attempt to put together a so-wrong-it's-right combination I end up squinting at my reflection in the mirror, unable to figure out whether I'm rocking the clash with panache or looking like a poor woman's Iris Apfel. I played it semi-safe and opted for an old Chelsea Girl leopard print midi, breezy polka dot jersey and big-ass specs that I hoped screamed 'I DO FASHUN THINGZ, HONEST'. I'm not sure it worked...

PMsnapped up 016

PMsnapped up 020

PM2snapped up 023

Polkadot top and headscarf - hand-me-downs from Mama H, skirt - Chelsea Girl, belt - chaz shop, cigarette - definitely not in my hand

Pissholes in the snow eyes are a result of my hate-hate relationship with make-up in these face-melting conditions, by the way. Over and out!

Betti Baudelaire xxx

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