Friday, 8 March 2013

International Women's Day

Happy International Women's day, folks!
Yep, it's the one day of the year where us ladies get to present our so-called "women's issues" on the media main stage without fear of being relegated to the lifestyle pages. I, for one, am celebrating. So excited was I that I took to my usually-subdued Twitter account and retweeted two, yes TWO whole articles about these funny old "womens issues" (or as I like to call them - "issues") and styled an entire outfit for the occasion. Woooo women! We're great.

My previous few posts are probably giving off the distinct impression that I'm embracing the vogue for 90's grunge wholeheartedly and spending my days slobbing about in oversized denim and comfy shoes. Today is not going to do anything to alter that perception. In my defence, the majority of my days have been spent in very sensible chino-and-chemise combinations as I totter around on my inexorable quest for the next big story for the Phoenix. But it's been raining, photographs would have been awful, and today is not a day for kitten heels.

Today I wanted an outfit that would be the opposite of sexy. The opposite of alluring. The opposite of "appealing to men". I wanted an outfit that the proverbial builder would wince at, not wolf-whistle. But I also wanted an outfit that was distinctly feminine, fun, a leeeetle bit fashion oriented and overwhelmingly reflective of who I am.

Homemade bleached man-jeans, glittery braces, my colourful Fresh Prince-inspired jacket and boombox combo and lady-icon Penelope Pitstop top created some kind of freakish neon androgyny aesthetic, which perked up my mood on this dismal day and made me glad to be alive, well and female. HOLLAAAA!

Fresh Prince coat&headscarf - Cow vintage, Penelope Pitstop top - Zara, glittery braces - Primark, jeans - homemade, Cons - secondhand from Zoe, boombox bag - Blue Banana.

Look at my miserable face below! Hilarious. But seriously, fuck you rain.

Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. AH! The jacket! I got exited seeing this! The memories of us shopping til we could no longer carry bags came flooding back. loving this look! and those DIY Denims are spot on.

    much loves


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    Wish you a nice weekend!

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  3. Such a cool bag! and happy international womens day :)

  4. oh my you look so amazing, honestly i don't even know what's my favourite part of this look! so many awesome things <3 + happy belated womens day!

  5. Aww you look so cool bet! Didn't know you bleached those jeans!! I tried on my dungarees that I bleached earlier and they're too small now, waaah!! Love the glitter braces! We've both gone for glitter this weekend, huzzah!!

    oh p.s. - go to google and type in gizoogle and check out your blog.. HILARIOUS!!

  6. Awwww man! Such a cool outfit! I am digging the braces! That bag is also pretty much entirely incredible ;)

  7. ridiculous. you have no idea how in love with you i am, little lady. stunning outfit, love it so much. and two cheers for women's day, although if you ask me, women's day should be all year round. not sure if you have heard of "leaning in" by sue ellen thompson, but it is supposed to be a great read. haven't read it myself yet but want to get my hands on it. also replied to your comment, darling! <3
    xx rae

  8. You are seriously one of my favourite bloggers ever! Your comments on my blog always brighten my day and your outfits are so bloody dam cool. That bag is beyond amazing. xxx

  9. I want your bag, its so freekin cool! xx

  10. Love your suspenders & jacket!!

    <3 Melissa

  11. Love your man-jeans! Also your hair!