Saturday, 15 December 2012

Stars in their eyes

T-shirt - Topshop, jeans - charity shop, belt - River Island, shoes - George at Asda, bag - Primark

Jenny and I took an impromptu trip to the Wharf for shivery pictures galore. I took my style inspiration for today from and episode from the first series of Stars In Their Eyes, which aired in 1990. Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture or video of the lady in question - she impersonated Edith Piaf but before the transformation was wearing hi-waisted jeans and a Keith Haring print baggy t-shirt, and had TRIANGULAR CURLY HAIR that I wish to God I could emulate. Sadly my Vidal Sassoon cut won't allow such bubble-perm frippery, so I was left looking far more modern that I would have liked.

Considering my influences currently revolve around trashy TV and teen film montages circa 1985-1992, expect following posts to detail my sartorial freefall into the past until eventually I wind up repping neon Dynasty shoulders, legwarmers on every limb and crimped arm hair, which is when Blogger will remove my profile and call the fashion gestapo to my house.

In other news I have a new job, knitted an awful hat and have continued the 'bad picmonkey editing' theme with this NINJA SHIT right here:


Betti Baudelaire xxx


  1. Hahaaa! Love this! I really enjoyed your stars in their eyes story too! Miss that show! This was so much fun! We must do this more often! I like how we were reminiscing about going to the park before to take photos and before we know it, HERE WE ARE! You look gorgeous, effortlessly stylish and UNIQUE! Love you xxxxxxxxx

  2. WOAAAHH how did you take that photo without falling into the water and drowning?!?! Well done you! Do you have one of those Vidal Sassoon fancy blowdryer things? I really super want one. Also you and your friend look like sisters, srslyyyyy. :)

  3. very interesting blog ! i like it

    Would you like to follow each other ?

  4. very interesting blog ! i like it

    Would you like to follow each other ?


    We appear to have switched roles. You appear to be re-blogging on a regular basis and I have sort of not! I will take all sorts of abuse from you if you wish!

    ninja photo is totes amazing. you dare devil you.

    JANUARY! We need to sort this shizzle out! I cannny wait t show you the hidden treasures in birmzzz. and i am in need of a frigging huge asssss shopping spree! If you need help finding hotels and what not then giz a shout. If only i had my own place you could deffo just crash on my sofa. when i do get my own place you will have to do just that.

    Gigs, crèche LOL made me do a weird sort of giggle. did piss me off! and yes I definitely did safe my sisters life.

    CONGRATS ON KNITTING! YOU WILL NOW BE THE PERFECT GRANDMA SOME DAY! I can do a basic knit (I think) sort of vaguely remember my dear nan teaching me when I was young, I think I used to knit blankets for my barbies. so cool.

  6. You look great - u remind me of a 1950's pinup in these!

    For some reason I can't follow you at the moment - grrr Any ideas??