Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Autumn Leaves

It's been a busy weekend. Unfortunately, I was unable to take advantage of the three day weekend and Sunday industry night madness. This is because I am currently working a stupid hospitality job which requires me to serve hot beverages and clean sinks whilst all my friends with 'real person' jobs get to sit around in their PJ's eating Supernoodles on a bank holiday. Mega-jelz. I'm casually skimming over the part of this sob-story which explains that I only work 25 hours a week and therefore spend the majority of my out-of-work time doing exactly that anyway, but THIS IS A BANK HOLIDAY, FELLA'S. It's just wrong.

So today has been the first this week that I am allowed to wear something other than a pair of 'smart' (read- Primark) trousers and an apron, so I decided to see if I could work my skirt-that-has-seen-me-through-summer into an outfit that will take me into autumn. This skirt is a gem. I bought it around April in the frankly amazing Folk Farm shop for £8. Yes, eight bloody pounds! It's a gorgeous vintage ditsy-floral print midi length bad-boy that I found tucked behind a stack of American Murder Ballad records and for the past four months it's been at the forefront of my wardrobe, just ready to be pulled out for impromptu trips to the seaside, last-minute jaunts to Bath, late night trips to the off-licence etc. But it's romantic, flowing style and definite 'sun has got his hat on' vibe almost made me think that I'd be vacuum-packing it along with the rest of my warm-weather wardrobe and consigning it to the attic. Almost.

Luckily, on rescuing my winter get-up from mould and mildew in Papa H's garage, I found my old staple black turtleneck, and this crazy-awesome vintage belt that Mother Dearest saved from the late 1980's. I wasn't sure if my beat-up old boots would work with the skirt (heck, they hardly work at all, I trip up on the soles most times I wear them) but was pleasantly surprised when I chucked the combo together and went for a lovely stomp around the park, and a not so lovely stomp to the bank. Et voila!!

Skirt - vintage from Folk Farm, turtleneck - Topshop, belt - vintage, beat-up scraggly boots of doom - Christmas present from Mother Dearest, hair - my own.

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